GOAL_Object Class Reference

#include <GOAL_Object.h>

Inherited by GOAL_GLcontext, GOAL_QWSwindow, and GOAL_X3d.

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Public Types

Public Member Functions

virtual void Command (const AP_String &cmd, const AP_String &value)=0
 Pure virual interface.
 GOAL_Object (const ObjectType type)
virtual void Paint (void)=0
virtual AP_Bool Prepare (void)=0
AP_Bool prepared (void) const
void Refresh (void)
ObjectType type (void) const
AP_Bool valid (void) const
virtual ~GOAL_Object (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static ObjectType String2Type (const AP_String &type)
static AP_String Type2String (const GOAL_Object::ObjectType type)

Protected Attributes

AP_ThreadCriticalSection _m_cs
AP_Bool _m_prepared
ObjectType _m_type
AP_Bool _m_valid

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ObjectType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GOAL_Object ( const ObjectType  type  ) 

~GOAL_Object ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Command ( const AP_String cmd,
const AP_String value 
) [pure virtual]

Pure virual interface.

Implemented in GOAL_X3d, and my_glcontext.

virtual void Paint ( void   )  [pure virtual]

Implemented in GOAL_X3d, and my_glcontext.

virtual AP_Bool Prepare ( void   )  [pure virtual]

Implemented in GOAL_X3d, and my_glcontext.

AP_Bool prepared ( void   )  const [inline]

void Refresh ( void   ) 

GOAL_Object::ObjectType String2Type ( const AP_String type  )  [static]


ObjectType type ( void   )  const [inline]


AP_String Type2String ( const GOAL_Object::ObjectType  type  )  [static]

AP_Bool valid ( void   )  const [inline]

Field Documentation

AP_Bool _m_prepared [protected]

ObjectType _m_type [protected]

AP_Bool _m_valid [protected]

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