AP_String Class Reference

#include <AP_String.h>

Inherits std::string.

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Public Member Functions

 AP_String (const char *obj)
 AP_String (const string &obj)
 AP_String (const AP_String &obj)
 AP_String (void)
AP_Float64 Atod (void) const
AP_Float32 Atof (void) const
AP_Sint32 Atoi (void) const
AP_Bool Compare (const AP_String &text, const AP_Bool ignore_case=false) const
AP_Sint32 FindFirstChar (const AP_String &seps)
void Format (AP_Uint32 size, const AP_String &format,...)
void Format (AP_Uint32 size, const AP_String &format, va_list ap)
bool FromFile (const AP_String &filename)
AP_String Itoa (AP_Sint32 num)
const AP_StringLeftTrim (const AP_Byte sep)
const AP_StringLeftTrim (const AP_String &sep)
const AP_StringReplace (const AP_Byte &old_char, const AP_Byte &new_char)
const AP_StringReplace (const AP_String &old_string, const AP_String &new_string)
const AP_StringRightTrim (const AP_Byte sep)
const AP_StringRightTrim (const AP_String &sep)
void Scanf (const AP_String &format,...) const
bool ToFile (const AP_String &filename)
AP_String Token (const AP_String &sep, AP_Sint32 num) const
AP_String Token (AP_String &token) const
AP_String Token (AP_String &token, const AP_String &sep) const
const AP_StringToLowerCase (void)
const AP_StringToUpperCase (void)
const AP_StringTrim (const AP_Byte sep)
const AP_StringTrim (const AP_String &sep)
virtual ~AP_String (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static AP_String Build (AP_Uint32 size, const AP_String &format,...)
static AP_String Fill (const AP_String &seq, AP_Uint32 num)
static AP_String Float2Str (const AP_Float32 num)
static AP_String Hex2Str (const AP_Sint32 num)
static AP_String Int2Str (const AP_Sint32 num)
static void SetLocale (void)
 Static members.
static AP_Float32 Str2Float (const AP_String &str)
static AP_Sint32 Str2Hex (const AP_String &str)
static AP_Sint32 Str2Int (const AP_String &str)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_String ( void   )  [inline]

AP_String ( const AP_String obj  )  [inline]

AP_String ( const string &  obj  )  [inline]

AP_String ( const char *  obj  )  [inline]

virtual ~AP_String ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

AP_Float64 Atod ( void   )  const

AP_Float32 Atof ( void   )  const

AP_Sint32 Atoi ( void   )  const

AP_String Build ( AP_Uint32  size,
const AP_String format,
) [static]

AP_Bool Compare ( const AP_String text,
const AP_Bool  ignore_case = false 
) const

AP_String Fill ( const AP_String seq,
AP_Uint32  num 
) [static]

AP_Sint32 FindFirstChar ( const AP_String seps  ) 

AP_String Float2Str ( const AP_Float32  num  )  [static]

void Format ( AP_Uint32  size,
const AP_String format,

void Format ( AP_Uint32  size,
const AP_String format,
va_list  ap 

bool FromFile ( const AP_String filename  ) 

AP_String Hex2Str ( const AP_Sint32  num  )  [static]

AP_String Int2Str ( const AP_Sint32  num  )  [static]

AP_String Itoa ( AP_Sint32  num  ) 

const AP_String & LeftTrim ( const AP_Byte  sep  ) 

const AP_String & LeftTrim ( const AP_String sep  ) 

const AP_String & Replace ( const AP_Byte old_char,
const AP_Byte new_char 

const AP_String & Replace ( const AP_String old_string,
const AP_String new_string 

const AP_String & RightTrim ( const AP_Byte  sep  ) 

const AP_String & RightTrim ( const AP_String sep  ) 

void Scanf ( const AP_String format,
) const

void SetLocale ( void   )  [static]

Static members.

AP_Float32 Str2Float ( const AP_String str  )  [static]

AP_Sint32 Str2Hex ( const AP_String str  )  [static]

AP_Sint32 Str2Int ( const AP_String str  )  [static]

bool ToFile ( const AP_String filename  ) 

AP_String Token ( const AP_String sep,
AP_Sint32  num 
) const

AP_String Token ( AP_String token  )  const

AP_String Token ( AP_String token,
const AP_String sep 
) const

const AP_String & ToLowerCase ( void   ) 

const AP_String & ToUpperCase ( void   ) 

const AP_String & Trim ( const AP_Byte  sep  ) 

const AP_String & Trim ( const AP_String sep  ) 

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