CarLinO_core Class Reference

#include <CarLinO_core.h>

Inherits AP::AP_Thread.

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Public Member Functions

AP_Bool Create (const AP_String &filename="", const AP_String &dirname="", const AP_Bool background=true)
AP_Bool CreateProcess (const AP_String &name, const AP_String &bind, const AP_ProcessAttribute::Type type)
AP_Bool Destroy (void)
CarLinO_processFindProcess (const AP_String &name)
void Loop (void)
AP_Bool Post (const CarLinO_process *process, const AMICO_packet &msg)
AP_Bool RestartProcess (const AP_String &name)

Static Public Member Functions

static CarLinO_coreCarLinO (void)
static AP_Pointer Ping (AP_Pointer pointer)

Private Member Functions

 CarLinO_core (void)
void run (void)
virtual ~CarLinO_core (void)

Private Attributes

AP_Bool _m_background
AP_Db< CarLinO_record_m_db
CarLinO_init _m_init
AP_String _m_name
AP_HashBase< AP_String,
CarLinO_process * > 
AP_ThreadQueueBase< CarLinO_item_m_queue
AP_ThreadSemaphore _m_queue_signal

Static Private Attributes

static CarLinO_core CarLinO_singletone

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CarLinO_core ( void   )  [private]

~CarLinO_core ( void   )  [private, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static CarLinO_core* CarLinO ( void   )  [inline, static]


AP_Bool Create ( const AP_String filename = "",
const AP_String dirname = "",
const AP_Bool  background = true 

AP_Bool CreateProcess ( const AP_String name,
const AP_String bind,
const AP_ProcessAttribute::Type  type 

AP_Bool Destroy ( void   ) 

CarLinO_process * FindProcess ( const AP_String name  ) 

void Loop ( void   ) 

AP_Pointer Ping ( AP_Pointer  pointer  )  [static]

AP_Bool Post ( const CarLinO_process process,
const AMICO_packet msg 

AP_Bool RestartProcess ( const AP_String name  ) 

void run ( void   )  [private, virtual]

Main thread function. It must be overloaded in your derived class. It has no parameter.

void run(void)
... do something ...

Reimplemented from AP_Thread.

Field Documentation

AP_Bool _m_background [private]

CarLinO_init _m_init [private]

AP_String _m_name [private]

CarLinO_core CarLinO_singletone [static, private]

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