AP_Dds Class Reference

#include <AP_Dds.h>

Inherits AP::AP_File.

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Public Member Functions

 AP_Dds (const AP_String &namefile)
 AP_Dds (void)
AP_Bool Close (void)
AP_Bytedata (void)
AP_Uint32 get_mipmap_size_texture (AP_Uint8 index)
AP_Byteget_mipmap_texture (AP_Uint8 index)
AP_Uint8 get_num_mipmaps ()
AP_DdsHeaderheader (void)
AP_Bool Open (const AP_String &mode)
 Overloadable functions.
AP_Bool Read (void)
void SetFont (void)
AP_Bool ValidateHeader (void)

Private Attributes

AP_Uint8 _m_BytesxPixel
AP_Bool _m_compressed
AP_Uint32 _m_dwMagic
AP_Bool _m_font
AP_Bool _m_hasMipmaps
AP_Uint8 _m_MipMapCount
std::vector< AP_CTexturemipmaps

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_Dds ( void   ) 

AP_Dds ( const AP_String namefile  ) 

Member Function Documentation

AP_Bool Close ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from AP_File.

AP_Byte* data ( void   )  [inline]

AP_Uint32 get_mipmap_size_texture ( AP_Uint8  index  )  [inline]

AP_Byte* get_mipmap_texture ( AP_Uint8  index  )  [inline]

AP_Uint8 get_num_mipmaps (  )  [inline]

AP_DdsHeader* header ( void   )  [inline]


AP_Bool Open ( const AP_String mode  )  [virtual]

Overloadable functions.

Reimplemented from AP_File.

AP_Bool Read ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from AP_File.

void SetFont ( void   ) 

AP_Bool ValidateHeader ( void   ) 

Field Documentation

AP_Byte* _m_data [private]

AP_Uint32 _m_dwMagic [private]

AP_Bool _m_font [private]

AP_DdsHeader* _m_header [private]

std::vector<AP_CTexture> mipmaps [private]

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