AP_Vector4< _T > Class Template Reference

#include <AP_Vector4.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AP_Vector4 (const AP_Float32 xx, const AP_Float32 yy, const AP_Float32 zz, const AP_Float32 ww=0.0f)
 AP_Vector4 (const AP_Vector4 &v)
 AP_Vector4 (void)
AP_Vector4 Cross (const AP_Vector4 &v)
AP_Float32 Dot (const AP_Vector4 &v)
const AP_Vector4Normalize (void)
AP_Vector4 operator* (const AP_Float32 &v)
AP_Vector4 operator+ (const AP_Vector4 &v)
AP_Vector4 operator- (const AP_Vector4 &v)
AP_Vector4 operator/ (const AP_Float32 &v)
const AP_Vector4operator= (const AP_Vector4 &v)
virtual ~AP_Vector4 (void)

Data Fields

_T w
_T x
_T y
_T z

template<class _T>
class AP::AP_Vector4< _T >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_Vector4 ( void   )  [inline]

AP_Vector4 ( const AP_Vector4< _T > &  v  )  [inline]

virtual ~AP_Vector4 ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

AP_Vector4 ( const AP_Float32  xx,
const AP_Float32  yy,
const AP_Float32  zz,
const AP_Float32  ww = 0.0f 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

AP_Vector4 Cross ( const AP_Vector4< _T > &  v  )  [inline]

AP_Float32 Dot ( const AP_Vector4< _T > &  v  )  [inline]

const AP_Vector4& Normalize ( void   )  [inline]

AP_Vector4 operator* ( const AP_Float32 v  )  [inline]

AP_Vector4 operator+ ( const AP_Vector4< _T > &  v  )  [inline]

AP_Vector4 operator- ( const AP_Vector4< _T > &  v  )  [inline]

AP_Vector4 operator/ ( const AP_Float32 v  )  [inline]

const AP_Vector4& operator= ( const AP_Vector4< _T > &  v  )  [inline]

Field Documentation

_T w

_T x

_T y

_T z

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