AP_MemoryPool Class Reference

#include <AP_MemoryPool.h>

Inherits AP::AP_Thread.

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Data Structures

struct  Header

Public Member Functions

 AP_MemoryPool (const AP_Byte *name="", AP_Bool garbage=false, AP_Uint32 size=MEMORY_DEFAULT_SIZE)
 AP_MemoryPool (void)
AP_Bool Check (AP_Pointer &pointer)
AP_Bool Free (AP_Pointer &pointer)
void Garbage (void)
 Garbage utility.
AP_Pointer Malloc (AP_Uint32 size)
virtual ~AP_MemoryPool (void)

Private Member Functions

AP_Uint32 checksum (AP_Pointer header)
AP_Bool headerValid (AP_Pointer header)
void run (void)
 Garbage utility.

Private Attributes

AP_Uint32 _m_allocated
AP_Uint32 _m_allocation
AP_ThreadCriticalSection _m_cs
AP_Uint32 _m_deallocated
AP_Uint32 _m_deallocation
AP_Bool _m_garbage
AP_Byte _m_name [AP_NAME_SIZE]
AP_Uint32 _m_size

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_MemoryPool ( void   ) 

AP_MemoryPool ( const AP_Byte name = "",
AP_Bool  garbage = false,

~AP_MemoryPool ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

AP_Bool Check ( AP_Pointer pointer  ) 

AP_Uint32 checksum ( AP_Pointer  header  )  [private]

AP_Bool Free ( AP_Pointer pointer  ) 

void Garbage ( void   ) 

Garbage utility.

AP_Bool headerValid ( AP_Pointer  header  )  [private]

AP_Pointer Malloc ( AP_Uint32  size  ) 

void run ( void   )  [private, virtual]

Garbage utility.

Reimplemented from AP_Thread.

Field Documentation


Header* _m_base [private]

AP_Bool _m_garbage [private]

AP_Byte _m_name[AP_NAME_SIZE] [private]

AP_Uint32 _m_size [private]

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