AP_DbFamily< _F, _K, _Ty > Class Template Reference

#include <AP_Db.h>

Inherits std::map< _F, AP_DbBase<_K,_Ty>* >.

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Public Types

typedef map< _F, AP_DbBase< _K,
_Ty > * > 

Public Member Functions

 AP_DbFamily (void)
AP_Bool Delete (const _F &family, const _K &key, AP_Sint32 pos=-1)
AP_Bool Delete (const _F &family)
void Insert (const _F &family, const _K &key, const _Ty &value)
AP_Bool Query (const _F &family, const _K &key, typename AP_DbBase< _K, _Ty >::AP_DbRecord &records) const
AP_Bool Query (const _F &family, const _K &key, int &number, _Ty &record) const
AP_DbBase< _K, _Ty > * Query (const _F &family) const
AP_Sint32 QuerySize (const _F &family, const _K &key) const
 ~AP_DbFamily (void)

template<class _F, class _K, class _Ty>
class AP::AP_DbFamily< _F, _K, _Ty >

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef map< _F, AP_DbBase<_K,_Ty>* > AP_DbFamilyBase

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_DbFamily ( void   )  [inline]

~AP_DbFamily ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

AP_Bool Delete ( const _F &  family,
const _K &  key,
AP_Sint32  pos = -1 
) [inline]

AP_Bool Delete ( const _F &  family  )  [inline]

void Insert ( const _F &  family,
const _K &  key,
const _Ty &  value 
) [inline]

AP_Bool Query ( const _F &  family,
const _K &  key,
typename AP_DbBase< _K, _Ty >::AP_DbRecord &  records 
) const [inline]

AP_Bool Query ( const _F &  family,
const _K &  key,
int &  number,
_Ty &  record 
) const [inline]

AP_DbBase<_K,_Ty>* Query ( const _F &  family  )  const [inline]

AP_Sint32 QuerySize ( const _F &  family,
const _K &  key 
) const [inline]

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