Todo List

page Car Lin O - Car Linux Object
  • CarLinO_init module to replace Init SystemV
  • CarLinO_kickoff mechanism to launch the processes (use configuration files: carlino.conf and carlino.d/process.conf)
  • CarLinO_leash/CarLinO_process to the processes runtime performance control
  • CarLinO_graphic window manager to integrate XWindow and OpenGL graphic technologies based on QT4
  • cudev CarLinO application to replace udev (all kernel modules are loading dinamically regarding the needed application to reduce the user space boot time)

Page AMICO Protocol
  • class AMICO_most (MOST wrapper, Media Oriented System Transport - )
  • class AMICO_canbus (class for CAN bus drivers)
  • class AMICO_router (routing between NET/UNIX)

Page CarLinO Processes Manager and Performance Monitoring
  • CarLinO_process / CarLinO_leash messages exchange
  • CarLinO_core process policies: black list

Page CarLinO Inter Process Communication and Remote Procedure Call with AMICO
  • AMICO interface between CarLinO_process and CarLinO_leash
  • CarLinO RPC with AMICO protocol
  • CarLinO performance monitor (definition)

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